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                              Contact Us

                              The Daily Bruin office is located in Kerckhoff 118 at UCLA.

                              You can reach the front desk at 310-825-9898 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

                              Advertising and Classifieds

                              Daily Bruin Advertising helps local and national advertisers reach the UCLA market though print, online, outdoor, and street level marketing. We can work with any type of business and budget. Our account executives are trained to come up with the best media campaigns to fit any advertiser’s needs.

                              Contact us at 310-825-2161 or through email at [email protected] to get your plan started today.

                              To place a classified ad, please visit wap.mir5350.cn/classifieds, email?[email protected]?or order classifieds over the phone at 310-825-2221.

                              Mailing Address

                              308 Westwood Plaza
                              118 Kerckhoff Hall
                              Los Angeles, CA 90095

                              News Tips

                              Send news tips to?[email protected], or to News Editor?David Gray?at [email protected].

                              Sending in an opinion piece, op-ed or submission

                              You may submit a timely letter to the editor or submission to the Daily Bruin by going to wap.mir5350.cn/submit.

                              The Daily Bruin never guarantees the placement or publication of submitted content. Headlines for submissions, both in print and online, are written by Daily Bruin copy editors. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, clarity and factual accuracy. Anonymous letters will not be published. All submissions must be original, and exclusive to the Daily Bruin and become property of The?Bruin.

                              Arts and Entertainment Tips

                              Send arts and entertainment tips to?[email protected], or to Arts and Entertainment Editor?Kristin Snyder at [email protected].

                              Sports Tips

                              Send Sports tips to?[email protected], or to Sports Editor?Sam Connon?at [email protected].

                              Community Guide

                              For information on the basic structure and operations of the Daily Bruin, please read the 2019-2020 Community Guide.

                              Correcting an article

                              If you have a question about correcting an article, contact the managing editor, Joy Hong, at [email protected].

                              Removing an article

                              The Daily Bruin does not?remove articles from its website without a compelling legal justification. As?the newspaper of record at the University of California, Los Angeles, altering content on the?Daily Bruin’s website would be?a disservice to readers and the community. This practice follows that of reputable publications nationwide. If there is a legal reason, please email Editor in Chief Angie Forburger at [email protected].

                              Request a print or digital copy of a photograph

                              To purchase a reprint or rights to a photo from the Daily Bruin, email Photo Editor Liz Ketcham at?[email protected].

                              Staff directory

                              If you need to get in touch with a particular member of the editorial staff, please?contact the editors or staff member directly at wap.mir5350.cn/staff.

                              Subscribing to the Daily Bruin

                              To have the Daily Bruin mailed to you every day, call 310-825-9898 or email [email protected]. An annual subscription to the Daily Bruin costs $200.

                              “What’s Bruin” Newsletter

                              Get?the top stories of the day, delivered to your inbox every morning the Daily Bruin prints, by subscribing to our?free newsletter.

                              Technical difficulties and website problems

                              For technical difficulties, website problems, and website suggestions, contact the Online department at [email protected].

                              Accessing the Daily Bruin archives

                              The Daily Bruin’s full print archives from 1915 to present are available at archive.wap.mir5350.cn.

                              Joining the Daily Bruin

                              The Daily Bruin recruits for?fall and winter quarters?annually. More information can be found?at apply.wap.mir5350.cn. If you have any questions, please contact the editor for the department you’re interested in applying to.